What is the youngest athlete you can train?

Our beginner group sessions can accommodate athletes as young as 9.

How long are the training sessions?

Beginner Group Session- 1hr
Intermediate Group Session- 1hr 20min
Advanced Group Session- 1hr 40min
Performance Training- 1hr
Personal Training- 1hr

Can I try a training session to see if I like it before buying a package?

Of course. If you have never trained with us in the past, please enjoy your first session on us. We ask that you call or email ahead of time to let us know you will be attending.

How do I sign up for training sessions?

If this is your first time training with us, please call or email to let us know when you will be attending. All training sessions after your initial session are booked through MindBody, a software that allows you to track your sessions, make reservations, and much more.

How do I pay for training sessions?

Sessions are available to purchase through MindBody using a credit card. You may also pay with a credit card, cash, or check in person.

When do I need to pay for training sessions?

MindBody requires pre-payment in order to book a training session. If you prefer to pay in person, payment must be made prior to the training sessions.

Iā€™m a parent, can I watch my child train?

Yes. We have a designated lounge where visitors can observe the athletes and have access to free wifi.

What should an athlete bring with them?

It is important that all athletes arrive prepared with a water bottle and a towel. We have a water bottle refill station, but not a drinking fountain. Tennis shoes are a must. Cleats are not required but they are allowed if an athlete chooses to train in them, as long as they are not metal.

Do I have to be an athlete to train at TYME Performance?

No. We train people of all skill levels and abilities. We offer Personal Training and Bootcamps that are designed for any adult to accomplish their goals.

I have more than one child who wants to train. Is there a discount?

Yes! When you purchase one package at full price, you will receive a discount on your second package.

Do you rent out your facility?

Yes! If you would like to use our facility, please contact us.